We believe that it is important for you to be perfectly clear about how much you are going to be charged before we start work for you. We will always give you a quote and if this has to change for any reason, for example if matters become more complicated part way through, we will let you know how much the increased cost will be before beginning the extra work.

A lot of our work can be charged at fixed amounts. This includes most Wills, Divorce, Powers of Attorney and Property work. Some work however, is less predictable and we will charge by reference to an hourly rate. We will also try to give an estimate as to the total cost. This will include most Estate, Family and Litigation matters. One way in which we often proceed for clients for this sort of work, is to say that we will work up to an agreed amount and then review what further work is needed and at what cost before carrying on.


These are costs that we have to pay out on your behalf - other people's charges. They may include court fees, searches on property transactions or fees for experts such as barristers or medical practitioners. We will always include a list of the expected disbursements for each matter when providing the initial quote. We will also usually ask you to provide us with the money for these costs up front so that we can pay them on your behalf.

We believe that the quality of the advice you receive is more important than the cost and so we do not try to be the cheapest. However, we believe that we are competitively priced because we keep our overheads down whilst using state of the art technology to work as efficiently as possible.

Loyalty Scheme

For longstanding clients of the firm or for people who instruct us to do a number of jobs at the same time, we usually build some sort of discount into our quotes. From time to time we run reduced price schemes or promotions in certain areas of work and it is always worth checking with us what may be available.

Please contact us for more information.