By Kim Mapperson

Isolation is difficult enough with limited restrictions on when you are to leave the house. For some, this creates a risk of being victim to domestic abusive or coercive and controlling behaviour.

Staffordshire Police have issued some useful information for organisations to help anybody who is suffering: don’t suffer in silence.

New Era

Visit their website for their 24/7 live chat online or call 0300 303 3778.


Visit their website or call 01782 433204.

Pathway Project

Visit their website or call 01543676800.

Here at Onions & Davies we can assist you in obtaining the necessary legal protection through the court system and do not hesitate to contact us should you require any further information or assistance in this regard.

Our FREE weekly ‘drop in’ service remains an option for those seeking information and guidance, and please note this appointment will be by telephone in the current circumstances. Family Law Assistant Sharon can reserve your appointment time, by calling 01630 652405.


In an emergency always call 999.