Dispute Resolution


If you find yourself involved in a dispute, you may need legal advice and assistance. Onions and Davies Solicitors are experienced in handling all types of legal disputes, and committed to obtaining the best result for you. Our litigation department covers commercial and contractual disputes, landlord and tenants disputes, boundary disputes, debt actions, trusts & probate disputes, debt recovery, and personal injury. We are experienced in acting for individuals as well as businesses and organisations. Whether you are bringing or defending a civil claim, we can help you.

The Court encourages potential litigants and those faced with litigation to attempt to settle their disputes out of court. This inevitably saves costs in litigating a matter to full Trial, and aims to bring about a speedy yet fair resolution to the matter. At Onions and Davies, we can engage in negotiations on your behalf and represent your best interests firmly and clearly, with a view to achieving the best outcome: a fair settlement without Court intervention.

However, sometimes it simply is not possible to achieve a resolution from negotiations alone, and if you require representation at Court, we can assist you. At Onions and Davies, we would be pleased to give you full costs information from the outset and this may be discussed with you in conjunction with advice as to your prospects of success and the value of the claim, if you are the potential Claimant. If you are successful, it is usually the case that the court orders your opponent to pay your legal costs.  You will be advised, however, that you are unlikely to recover the full amount of your legal costs as the amount of certain costs are fixed by the court and these costs may not equate to your actual legal costs.

Where Court proceedings are necessary, the matter is usually allocated to a track based upon the value of the claim, and where it is likely the claim would be allocated to the Small Claims Track (presently money claims of £5000 or less) it may not be cost-effective for us to represent you in which case we can point you in the right direction so that you may obtain useful advice and assistance from the relevant organisations. This is because, for Small Claims, even if you are successful the court would not order your opponent to pay anything towards your costs other than reimbursement of the court fees you have incurred.

For the individual…

Our wealth of advice for the individual may include advising and assisting you in obtain possession of rented property from a tenant, boundary and neighbour disputes, Inheritance Act claims and/or disputes relating to a trust or Will. Disputes can take a number of forms and can be between a variety of people and, provided the relevant cause of action can be identified, we would be pleased to help you to achieve a resolution.

For businesses and organisations…

If your business becomes involved in a dispute, you need a firm of solicitors you can trust, who can represent you quickly and effectively, taking into consideration the needs of your business.

The advice and assistance you may require may be in connection with a Contractual dispute, a Partnership dispute, potential Insolvency litigation, or perhaps a building and contractor dispute.

A large part of the work we carry out for businesses is in the area of Debt Recovery. If your business is owed money from a debtor who refuses to pay, there is no underestimating the damaging effect this can have on a business and its cashflow. You can have peace of mind by instructing us to handle the recovery of that debt, and to advise you at the outset and throughout the process, of the potential action that can be taken and the costs involved in the implementation of that action.

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