Here at Onions & Davies Solicitors, we take our responsibilities towards the environment seriously and have developed a strategy to manage the impacts of our operations.

We are committed to reducing the impact of our activities and recognise that our carbon footprint results mainly from the following activities:

  • The procurement and use of manufactured and natural resources at our office (including paper and electricity);
  • Waste generation from our office;
  • Energy use through travel.

We are always trying to find ways to reduce our carbon footprint and adopt a ‘Green Energy’ policy. Green Energy is defined as any energy that reduces the impact on the environment by decreasing waste or reducing the use of fossil fuels. Wind turbines, solar energy and electric cars are examples.

Senior Solicitor, Chris Milne is now driving down his carbon footprint with his electric car. Chris covers many miles visiting clients at home, in care homes, in hospitals and at their work places. His all-electric vehicle is ideal for making sure that he does not add to ever-increasing car pollution.

As Chris says, “We are not a firm of solicitors that expects our clients to come to us. Many of our clients are elderly, infirm or otherwise unable to visit the office. I cover thousands of miles every year visiting clients all over Shropshire, Worcestershire, Birmingham and the Black Country and I chose an electric powered car expressly with the purpose of reducing my carbon footprint”.

If you would like Chris to visit you to discuss your Will or Powers of Attorney, Estates, Care Fees or Tax and Trusts, then please ring 01630 652405 to make an appointment.