Expect the unexpected
by Private Client Consultant Christopher Seddon

Many years ago whilst I was running my own Solicitor’s firm in Lincolnshire I was consulted by a lady in great distress. She and her husband, an RAF Officer, had been driving to the shops when the car in front flicked something from the road surface. It flew through the windscreen and struck her husband in the head.

Tragically, he suffered significant brain injuries at the age of thirty two.

In addition to the natural suffering and anguish of this experience, she then had to face an application to the Court of Protection, as neither she nor her husband had ever got around to making Lasting Powers of Attorney. The Court then made a Deputyship order. She incurs significant expense year after year dealing with her responsibilities and reporting to the Court as necessary.

This could all have been avoided if she and her husband had put Lasting Powers of Attorney in place.

Tragedy can strike at any age. Do not put off making these types of planning decisions. If you require any information or advice just contact us and we shall be pleased to help on 01630 652405 or Christopher.Seddon@onionsanddavies.co.uk