By the Property Team

Land Registry have started accepting digital signatures on conveyancing documents, however, witnesses also need to be present.

Simon Hayes, chief executive and chief land registrar at the HM Land Registry, has said:

“What we have done today is remove the last strict requirement to print and sign a paper document in a home buying or other property transaction.

“This should help right now while lots of us are working at home, but it is also a keystone of a truly digital, secure and more efficient conveyancing process that we believe is well within reach.

“The more sophisticated qualified electronic signatures are a part of that vision and encouraging those is where our attention will be directed next.”

At Onions & Davies we have used a digital case management system for a number of years, which has come into its own since we have been remote working, and we continue to move with the times to streamline our service to clients. Our Head of Property, David Williams, welcomes the news from HM Land Registry.

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