We are having to do things differently these days as our old ways of working are no longer feasible. When it comes to something as fundamental as will making, it is as important to be aware of the pitfalls as it is to know the way to get it right.

The validity of a will is reliant on its execution. However, it is not possible at the moment to sit across a desk from our clients to make sure it is done right, and we are having to think of other ways which ensure both the signature of the testator is witnessed, as well as that of the two witnesses.

We look to the law to tell us what we can and cannot do and, even with the widest of interpretations, remote signing and witnessing, for example, will not achieve lawful execution of a will. So, how can this be achieved properly and safely? It may well be that in some cases wills cannot be properly witnessed at all, what then?

Your will is one of the most important documents you will ever make, and accessing legal advice is straightforward and reasonably priced. It is always recommended that you seek legal advice at such a significant time, not least when the circumstances make it that much trickier.

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