By Alison Dutton, Assistant in the Property Team

Congratulations, your offer on a property has been accepted!

We appreciate that for many people this can be an overwhelming experience, especially if you are a first-time buyer, so we always try our best to ensure the process is as smooth for you as possible.

Getting in touch with us will start the process

We will then require some further details from you so that we can send you a quote via email. This will give you a breakdown of all our costs so you can see exactly what you are paying for. Assuming that you are happy with the quote and confirm instructions, you will then be prompted to create a Perfect Portal account, an app that we use to send electronic versions of our paperwork which allows for electronic signatures. Please see the blog by David Williams, Director & Head of Property, that goes into more detail about how we interact with clients using Perfect Portal.

We will then wait to receive a copy of the contract and any other documentation from the seller’s solicitors

Which will then be checked by us. We may then ask them for further details or other documents, this is referred to as additional enquiries.

Once this step is completed, the searches will be ordered on your purchase property

By this point, the seller’s solicitor will have sent us their replies to our additional enquiries. These may require further enquiries to be raised as a result.

By this stage, your mortgage offer will have been received and any special conditions imposed by the lender will be dealt with accordingly

Signing your contract will be the next step which we will either send to you or arrange for you to come into the office to sign and discuss anything else that’s relevant. Upon us receiving your signed contract along with any balance funds that are required from you, now puts us in a position to negotiate a date for completion with the seller’s solicitor.

Once a date has been agreed by both parties, the contracts will be exchanged

Prior to completion day, there are a few other things that we take care of such as sending the Transfer deed to the seller’s solicitor for signing, requesting mortgage monies from the lender, carrying out pre-completion searches and lastly, receiving mortgage monies shortly before completion.

After all these steps are done, we are ready for completion which means moving day!

There are a few other things that we take care of after completion such as sending off the Stamp Duty Land Tax form and any payment due. To ensure that the registration of the title is completed, we apply to the Land Registry to register your ownership of the new property. This will the end our work with you and we appreciate hearing feedback on how you found the process so do let us know.

For a residential property quote, contact Alison Dutton at or 01630 652405