By Chris Milne, Head of Private Client, and Louise Martin, Head of Family Law

Being a Lawyer is not just about practicing the law. Yes, we conduct legal transactions, we give advice, we go to court and we draft documents, but we do more than that, a lot more.

The legal work that we do at Onions & Davies involves us in people’s lives, and for some of our clients it is more than just legal advice and a properly worded document that they need.

In recent months, our Private Client team, whose legal responsibilities include making Wills and Powers of Attorney, dealing with Estates, advising on Inheritance Tax and Care Fees Planning, and setting up and administering Trusts, have also carried out the following:

  • Rehoming a flock of sheep, a horse and a cat
  • Arranging cleaners and a new washing machine for a house-bound client
  • Securing a property and re-glazing a window at a deceased client’s house
  • Buying a chair and similar aids for a client in care
  • Negotiating correct benefits payments for a young adult with disabilities
  • Attending funerals
  • Giving talks to groups of carers

And so on…

Our Family Law Team, who give specialised legal advice every day on matters concerning divorce, financial remedy, and private children issues find that, more often not, reassurance, understanding, and a practical action plan is as important as the law.

For the client looking for a divorce, they often most benefit from a plan about the short term finances. For the client looking for advice about children matters, they want to know that the right decisions will be made about their children taking into account their safety, welfare and their own wishes. The aim for a good lawyer must always be to keep the discussions amicable, and preserve as much as is possible the parental relationship the parties might continue to share in the future, despite the differences they may be currently encountering.

Family law is emotive, and family lawyers have the privilege of having a a window into their clients personal lives. There can be feelings of insecurity and worry about what lies ahead and how to achieve it, and perhaps grief for the relationship or loss for the united family. A good family lawyer will be empathetic, and knowledgeable.


At Onions & Davies, we are Solicitors who care about our clients and we care about the work that we do for them. For further details about the services we offer, or to make an appointment, please call 01630 652405.