Negotiating the School Holidays as a Separated Parent
By Louise Martin, Director & Solicitor

The summer holidays are upon us. A week can be enough to test the patience of a saint, but 6 weeks… ?! You may have work commitments and finances to juggle, perhaps a holiday abroad, as well as trying to make it an enjoyable and appreciable time for your children.


This can be an even more testing time when you are a separated parent.  What if you are finding it difficult to agree with the other parent on what is best for your child or children at the best of times? Negotiating the school summer holidays can feel impossible.


Reaching an agreement with the other parent is the aim. This gives a basis on which you can work and plan for your children. But, we know this is not easy.


Ultimately, learning or re-establishing a workable line of communication with the other parent is recommended for the long run. You may not be in a relationship anymore, but you have your children and their best interests in common. The use of grandparents and other family members can sometimes assist with this.


Family Mediation can help separated couples with reaching an agreement on where the children will live perhaps, or the regular and special time that is spent with the other parent. It can help generate ideas and strategies to aid communication between parents.


Cafcass’ Parenting Plan is a real ‘go to’ for separated parents. Whether you wish to use it in its fullest form or not, it sets the foundation of what separated parents may need to consider in the further parenting of their children, and so can be a useful reference tool at least. You can order yours from Cafcass for free, or download a pdf version, by clicking HERE


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