Family lawyers and clients alike can feel delighted by the news that the government has pledged reforming divorce law in the next Parliamentary session commencing in May.

The current divorce law is enshrined in the Matrimonial Causes Act 1973 and the requirement for ‘blame’, where there is not a sufficient period of separation, is considered to be an outdated concept, as highlighted by the Owens v Owens case.

The Secretary of State for Justice has confirmed that there is a need for reform. The only way to effect change, is by way of legislation. However unfair it may have seemed, the Supreme Court had their hands tied in Owens v Owens and had no choice but to uphold the decision to refuse Tini Owens her divorce (see our previous blog for details on this case).

Resolution @ResFamilyLaw are thrilled by the move and the clear support for reform. Former Chair of Resolution, Nigel Shephed, said: “Our members, and the families they work with, will be delighted that, after years of campaigning, we are now so close to ending the ‘blame game’ that many divorcing couples are currently forced to play…”

Our solicitors Louise Martin and Kim Mapperson are both Resolution members, and have been championing the cause for legal reform.

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