At Onions & Davies, we have had a number of situations arise recently that stress the importance of having a valid Will in place.

One of these involved a lady who had been looked after by her “daughter” for a number of years. The rest of her family (brothers and sisters) did not really have anything to do with her. She did not make a Will.

She has died and her “daughter” is actually her stepdaughter. In life, they never really considered that because she had been a mother to her for the last 40 years, but on death this has become highly significant. A stepdaughter does not inherit under the intestacy rules where there is no Will, and everything will go to the brothers and sisters.

A second case involves somebody who became ill and died with Covid-19. He had not previously made a Will and so made one in a bit of a rush not long before he died. His main aim was to benefit his friend, who he had been very close to for many years, rather than his sister, who he had become estranged from a number of years previously.

The Will was validly made, and he had enough mental capacity to know what he was doing, but due to the urgent circumstances in which it was made, it is vulnerable to being challenged. His sister is challenging it.

We are still working at Onions & Davies and we are working very hard, because there are many people currently making or updating their Wills. However, it can be seen in situations like these, that it is important to plan properly and carefully, and in good time.

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