By David Williams, Director & Head of Property

As the Covid pandemic has forced us all to make significant changes to our way of life, so too has business had to adapt to accommodate the need for remote working, self-isolating and less face to face encounters. Accordingly, Onions & Davies are excited to announce a new way to interact with clients and for clients to communicate and deliver information and documents.

We now have the option of using Perfect Portal, an online gateway to our services that will speed up the transaction and enable greater visibility for clients.

When a client confirms instructions, they will be prompted to download the Perfect Portal App to their smart phone or tablet. Using this App, we will be able to send electronic versions of our initial paperwork which normally would have had to be posted. The App allows electronic signature of documents together with online completion and signature of the Property Information forms we need to send to the buyers.

The App will also enable instant verification of your identification documents, which are essential before we are allowed to do any work. A process that frequently adds a week to the conveyancing process can now be completed in a day.

In addition, you will now be able to obtain quotes direct from our website making for quicker price comparison, although you should find our costs highly competitive.

Throughout the conveyancing transaction you will be able to check online to see how your matter is progressing. Through key stages, from submission of receipt of contract papers, progress of searches and enquiries and ultimately exchange and completion.

We are sure you will agree this will benefit everyone and make what can be a stressful process a lot less fraught and hopefully, quicker. Please feel free to visit our website or call the office by emailing or calling 01630 652405, for further information.