By Kim Mapperson, Solicitor

HM Courts and Tribunal Service have released some guidance as to the family work that will be prioritised by the family courts. This guidance has been agreed with the President of the Family Law Division.

The courts have categorised family work into 3 categories:-

  • The work that must be done
  • The work that will be done
  • The work that they will try their best to do

Work that must be done – this is the work the courts will be prioritising

This includes:-

Public Law Children including Emergency Protection Orders, Interim Care Orders, Renewal of Interim Care Order

Private Law Children including urgent applications Child Abduction Orders (including Tipstaff Orders), Domestic Abuse (Family Law Act) Injunctions

Divorce – urgent applications and decrees absolute

Court of Protection work

Work that will be done – this is work that the courts will work through, there may be delays however in dealing with this work

This includes:-

Gatekeeping and allocation referrals – care cases

Gatekeeping and allocation referrals – private cases

Other family care orders/documents/emails

Court of Protection – welfare cases

Work that the courts will try their best to do – this is the work that will be done where the court have dealt with the work outlined above

This includes:-

Other family private law orders/documents/emails

Adoption orders

Divorce Financial remedy

Court of Protection – property and affairs Probate

In these unprecedented times, as practitioners of family law, we are able to assist anybody who needs advice and assistance with a family law issue.  Alternative ways of resolving disputes are becoming much more accessible and cost effective for our clients including conducting private hearings, arbitration and mediation. 

Applications can still be issued at court however, there will be delays determined by which category your matter will fall into.

Please do not hesitate to contact our friendly family law team who can advise and assist you in your family law issue on 01630 652405.