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Now is the time to make your Will

At Onions & Davies, we have had a number of situations arise recently that stress the importance of having a valid Will in place. One of these involved a lady who had been looked after by her “daughter” for a number of years. The rest of her family (brothers...

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Witnessing a Will during the Covid-19 pandemic

By Samantha Downs, Private Client Solicitor I’m fairly certain that almost everyone knows that for a Will to be valid, you need to have at least two witnesses, and when signing, the testator (the person making the Will) and the witnesses all have to be present and...

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What Our Team Have Learned From Lockdown

Covid-19 seemingly came out of nowhere and has altered all our lives beyond recognition. The emotional, physical, mental and financial impact can be tough, and we would like to share some positive, human reflection from our staff members on what they have learned...

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Family Law

Abusive Relationships and Isolation

By Kim Mapperson Isolation is difficult enough with limited restrictions on when you are to leave the house. For some, this creates a risk of being victim to domestic abusive or coercive and controlling behaviour. Staffordshire Police have issued some useful...

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How not to execute a Will

We are having to do things differently these days as our old ways of working are no longer feasible. When it comes to something as fundamental as will making, it is as important to be aware of the pitfalls as it is to know the way to get it right. The validity of a...

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How do you know if someone has made a Will?

By Chris Milne, Director & Head of Private Client Unfortunately, that question might be more pertinent than usual in the coming weeks. We get asked it a lot. The truth is, there is no 100% way of knowing. It is entirely possible for someone to make a Will and...

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