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Mortgages and Re-mortgages

We deal with a lot of mortgage work at Onions & Davies, even in a depressed market where mortgaging and re-mortgaging is not as common as it used to be.

A mortgage or legal charge applies when you wish to purchase a house but lack the funds to cover the complete cost. In such scenarios, you will likely approach a bank or building society for a loan. In exchange for lending you these funds, the lender will want some form of assurance that they are protected should you fail to repay the loan. This assurance comes in the form of a document wherein your house serves as security for the loan; this document is referred to as a mortgage.

Remortgaging, on the other hand, occurs when you opt to swap your existing mortgage arrangement for a different one. Remortgaging a property happens for various reasons. It could be to increase your loan amount or secure a better deal. In certain instances, chiefly if you are remortgaging with your current lender, you might be offered a new deal without solicitor involvement. However, if you intend to switch lenders, the procedure will predictably be more intricate and necessitate a legal professional’s expertise.

Contact us to speak to one of our experienced property lawyers for friendly, clear and, above all, practical advice on mortgages and remortgages. Please call us on 01630 652405 or email us

Mortgage and Remortgage Solicitors in Shropshire Cheshire or Staffordshire 

We appreciate that remortgaging your home can be a challenging and complex process. Given the changes in either the mortgage amount or provider, it is essential to carry out legal procedures to ensure the new mortgage is accurately registered against your property – a critical part of your mortgage application.

Onions & Davies has an experienced conveyancing team who are on hand to provide a fast, efficient, and reliable service, making your mortgage or remortgage process as smooth as possible.

We will guide you through all the various stages required, which may include some or all of the following matters:

  • Taking your instructions and giving you initial advice.
  • Undertaking necessary regulatory checks.
  • Receiving and advising on contract documents.
  • Advising on the mortgage offer and its conditions.
  • Giving you advice on all documents and information received.
  • Advising you on joint or shared ownership.
  • Sending the final mortgage deed to you for signature.
  • Discharging any existing charge or charges.
  • Registering the Charge on the property.

Whether you are looking to benefit from a new rate or want to release some of the equity in your property, our specialist mortgage and remortgage solicitors can help you.  

Re-Mortgaging Solicitors Shropshire, Cheshire or Staffordshire 

Onions & Davies has provided exceptional property law services in Shropshire, Cheshire, Staffordshire, and beyond for many decades. Our experienced property lawyers can take care of the legal process of remortgaging for you, handling the essentials of the transaction and updating you on the process regularly. 

We are accredited under The Conveyancing Quality Scheme (CQS), which provides a recognised quality standard for residential conveyancing. Being an accredited member of the CQS means that we meet the high standards the Law Society sets to ensure that we give clients a professional and quality conveyancing service.

If you are remortgaging your property or need a transfer of title deed because of a divorce or separation, we have a highly skilled family law team who can assist you. We can also help with Wills and inheritance property.

Our Fees

We believe that it is important for you to be clear about how much you are going to be charged before we start work for you. We will always give you a quote and if this has to change for any reason, for example if matters become more complicated part way through, we will let you know how much the increased cost will be before beginning the extra work. Most of our residential property matters are completed on a fixed fee basis and the lawyer working on your case will ensure you are fully aware of all costs associated with your case. You can view more detailed information on the fees that we charge for a property sale or purchase by visiting our costs information page.

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