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Bringing to an end your marriage, is a decision never taken lightly. Whether you are the one making that difficult decision, or the one who finds themselves at the receiving end of it, you will find yourself well-informed and reassured by our professionals at Onions & Davies Solicitors.










We understand that what you need from us is clear and professional guidance and understanding. Even the most well managed family cases can be still be fraught with emotion and difficulty, but our aim is to provide support through that process so that proper decisions can be made for yours and your children’s lives going forward.

On 6th April 2022 the Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Act 2020 took effect to enable no-fault divorce. A spouse, who has been married for at least one year, can divorce under the divorce reform law on the basis of a statement that the marriage has broken down, without having to prove a fact in support. It is now an option in the new regime to make the divorce application jointly with your spouse, but sole applications are still available.

We will never act or encourage you to act in a way to deliberately produce an acrimonious divorce. We understand that the way the matter is conducted affects your private lives, and our primary objective will always be to help you to Final Divorce Order with the best advice and minimal conflict.










With the new law, came a new timescale. There is now a 20 week reflection period, following the court having issued the application before the applicant(s) can apply for a Conditional Order (previously known as Decree Nisi) which is the first stage of the divorce. This timescale is in addition to the 6 weeks and 1 day that spouses must wait after the Conditional Order before applying for the Final Divorce Order (previously known as Decree Absolute).

Sorting out the finances remains crucial, and it is recommended that separating spouses should always take independent legal advice as to resolving the financial matters on divorce.

We pride ourselves for having very competitive prices for divorce, for both applicants and respondents. We can advise you comprehensively as to costs at our initial non-obligation fixed fee appointment. Please contact our resolution-accredited Family Solicitor Louise Martin for more details at

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