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Equity Release

As part of the advice we give regarding mortgages, we also advise on equity release schemes. We are not qualified or regulated to give financial advice so cannot advise on the financial aspects of the various products available but we can advise you on the legal implications for you, your property and your family.










Equity release is a growing and progressive market, which for you, the potential client, ensures a wider and much more competitive range of products to suit your particular needs. The old schemes, which had such a bad reputation, are a thing of the past and this whole area of financial advice is now very highly regulated. We will only work with financial advisers who are authorised and experienced in this area.

Equity release products are generally aimed at people over the age of 55 who own their own home. Like a lot of people, you may find that the bulk of your worth is tied up in your property and, it may be that you would want to use some of this value to do some of the things that you have always wanted to do but not had the opportunity to do.










Selling your home to downsize and release the surplus value in the current property market may not be easy and you may not wish to move, whereas an equity release could release the money in your home yet still give you the right to stay there for the rest of your life.

Equity release is also an important method of estate planning. It is difficult to arrange to give away your home to save inheritance tax, whilst you remain living there, but you may wish to consider releasing some of the value of your home and converting it into cash which you can spend or give away to family members.










As part of our property advice and our tax and estate planning advice, we are happy to discuss the implications and mechanics of equity release schemes with you and either work with a financial adviser you trust or introduce you to one we recommend.


This information refers to the law of England & Wales only, which from time to time changes. In particular, tax information changes annually. It is not a substitute for professional advice, which is up to date and specific to your needs. This information is a summary of the provisions relating to financial advice and cannot cover every aspect of their operation. It represents our understanding of current legislation in England and Wales but should not be relied upon as an authoritative statement of law nor as constituting advice. We would advise that legal advice be sought in every circumstance.

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