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Specific Issue Orders and Prohibited Steps Orders

Disputes surrounding parental responsibilities and decisions affecting a child’s upbringing can be challenging for all parties involved. These issues can include decisions regarding school choice, proposed medical treatments or vaccinations, or the desire of one parent to relocate with the child to another region or country.

In such instances, the Court can intervene and resolve these matters by issuing either a Prohibited Steps Order (PSO) or a Specific Issue Order (SIO). The Court will always act in the child’s best interest and ensure their welfare is protected.

At Onions & Davies, our dedicated family law solicitors can assist parents in navigating these complex issues through legal guidance, mediation, and the family court system, ensuring the best interests of your child(ren) remain the top priority.

With our expertise in children’s law matters and child arrangement orders, including Specific Issue Orders and Prohibited Steps Orders, we can provide the guidance and support you need. 










Applying for a Specific Issue Order

A Specific Issue Order is a legal tool family courts use to resolve a particular question or dispute related to parental responsibility for a child. This type of order assists parents in reaching agreements on important aspects of their child’s life when they cannot find a resolution on their own.

Our family law team can help you with Specific Issue Orders involving matters, including:

  • Determining the child’s educational path, including school selection
  • Addressing concerns over religious upbringing and practices
  • Deciding on medical treatments or other healthcare-related matters
  • Resolving disagreements on childcare arrangements or extracurricular activities

Get in touch with our specialist family law team at for compassionate guidance and tailored legal solutions for child arrangement orders – we are here to support you every step of the way.










Applying for a Specific Prohibited Steps Order

Prohibited Steps Orders are issued by the family court to restrict a parent from making certain decisions about their child’s upbringing without the court’s or the other parent’s consent. These orders serve to protect the child’s welfare while fostering a fair and balanced decision-making process between both parents.

Examples of situations where a Prohibited Steps Order may be necessary include:

  • Preventing a parent from taking the child abroad without consent
  • Restricting a parent from moving the child to a different location within the country
  • Stopping a parent from making significant changes to the child’s education without agreement
  • Protecting the child from exposure to harmful or inappropriate influences










Specialist Private Children Law Solicitors at Onions & Davies

Our compassionate and experienced family solicitors at Onions & Davies prioritise the well-being of your child(ren) when handling sensitive issues like Specific Issue Orders and Prohibited Steps Orders. We work diligently to ensure your concerns are addressed and your child’s best interests are always at the forefront.

Our family law specialists are on hand to help you with every aspect of private children law and guide you through the child arrangement order process, promoting effective communication and understanding.

Family Mediation in Shropshire Cheshire or Staffordshire

Even the most devoted parents may struggle to find common ground on appropriate child arrangements. In these situations, family mediation can serve as an invaluable resource. By engaging an unbiased professional, family mediation fosters productive conversations and aids in establishing agreements that meet all parties’ needs.

We strongly advocate for family mediation as a valuable tool to help parents reach agreements in the best interests of their children. Our goal is to encourage parents to find common ground, avoiding the need for Court intervention. Family mediation offers a non-confrontational environment where parties can work together with the help of a neutral mediator to find mutually beneficial solutions. 

We can refer you to reputable mediators in Shropshire, Cheshire, or Staffordshire and provide further guidance on this beneficial process. 










Experienced Child Law Solicitors in Shropshire – Comprehensive Legal Support

When mediation or other forms of negotiation cannot facilitate an agreement, our dedicated family lawyers are ready to provide the necessary legal support. We have extensive expertise in Specific Issue Orders, Prohibited Steps Orders, and all children’s law matters. We understand the complexity of such cases, and our child law team will assist you in navigating the legal proceedings, ensuring your child’s best interests are protected.










Schedule a Fixed Fee Appointment with Our Experienced Family Law Team

At Onions & Davies, we are committed to helping you establish Child Arrangement Orders that prioritise your child’s well-being. Whether through mediation or legal advice, our specialist team of child law solicitors is here to support you. Please get in touch with us for comprehensive assistance with all aspects of children’s law and child arrangements.

Come and see our family solicitors, Louise Martin or Simeon Bowen-Fanstone, for a no-obligation fixed fee appointment. Gain the information and support you need to make informed decisions regarding your Child Arrangement Orders and all Private Law Children matters. 

You can contact the team at or 01630 652405. 

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