Divorce and Family Law

Family troubles can be tough and can often have serious emotional and sometimes financial implications. At Onions & Davies we are here to provide support and tailored advice at the time you need it most. Our friendly approach will help you make the right decisions for you and your family.


At Onions & Davies, we have many years’ experience of advising in divorce cases, sometimes bringing about carefully negotiated amicable agreements and sometimes providing robust arguments in contested cases.

We will never act in a way to deliberately produce an acrimonious divorce and we will always strive to help you through this traumatic time in your life while making sure that your interests are protected.

Property & Finance in Divorce

Even where the divorce itself is not contested, there may be some dispute over what happens with regard to the finances of the marriage. There are many ways of resolving such disputes and it is vitally important that you receive skilled, experienced advice throughout the process.


The Court views the welfare of children within proceedings as the paramount concern. Following the breakdown of a relationship, it can often be difficult to reach common ground with the other parent as to the best interests of the children and this can sometimes lead to animosity and conflict. At Onions & Davies, we are well placed to guide you through this difficult time and help to achieve the best possible outcome for you and your children.

We are pleased to help with issues relating to contact, residence and change of name or parental responsibility. At your initial, fixed fee consultation, Louise Martin can provide the advice that you need for your case and let you know the best way forward. For more information please contact Louise Martin at louise.martin@onionsanddavies.co.uk or telephone 01630 652405.

Unmarried Couples

The law relating to unmarried couples does not offer the same relief as that for married couples. Quite often unmarried couples are quite unaware of their position on separation. We can offer plain and helpful advice as to how the assets might be divided. You can contact Louise Martin for more information. Please call on 01630 652405 to arrange an appointment.

Pre-Nuptial Agreements

Would you visit somewhere you didn’t know without a map? Enter into a business partnership without a partnership agreement or buy a car without checking the log book? Marriage is a binding legal contract that has significant financial implications, so it is important to be prepared.

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