Bringing to an end your marriage, is a decision never taken lightly. Whether you are the one making that difficult decision, or the one who finds themselves at the receiving end of it, you will find yourself well-informed and reassured by our professionals at Onions & Davies Solicitors.

We understand that what you need from us is clear and professional guidance and understanding. Even the most well managed family cases can be still be fraught with emotion and difficulty, but our aim is to provide support through that process so that proper decisions can be made for yours and your children’s lives going forward.

The vast majority of divorce cases proceed as undefended cases, and this we strongly support. Only in the most exceptional cases would we recommend challenging a divorce petition, or cross-petitioning, which is consistent with our ethos that the process should be as non-confrontational and amicable as possible.

We will never act or encourage you to act in a way to deliberately produce an acrimonious divorce. We understand that the way the matter is conducted affects your private lives, and our primary objective will always be to help you to Decree Absolute with the best advice and minimal conflict.

Undefended divorces can proceed relatively swiftly and, in the absence of any unforeseen hitches, the decree absolute can usually be issued within approximately five months of your first consultation with us. It is the decree absolute which brings the marriage finally to an end.

Where property and financial matters are still outstanding, we may advise you to delay applying for the decree absolute, until those issues have been finalised.

We pride ourselves for having very competitive prices for divorce, for both petitioners and respondents. We can advise you comprehensively as to costs at our initial non-obligation fixed fee appointment. Please contact our resolution-accredited Family Solicitor Louise Martin for more details at

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This information refers to the law of England & Wales only, which from time to time changes. In particular, tax information changes annually. It is not a substitute for professional advice, which is up to date and specific to your needs. This information is a summary of the provisions relating to divorce and cannot cover every aspect of their operation. It represents our understanding of current legislation in England and Wales but should not be relied upon as an authoritative statement of law nor as constituting advice. We would advise that legal advice be sought in every circumstance.