Our Matrimonial Law team works digitally to deliver a faster efficient service to our clients
by Louise Martin.

Family law can sometimes seem archaic and out of date. However, with the Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Act 2020 on the horizon, change is afoot, and the same can be said for the practice and procedure that delivers it.

At Onions & Davies we champion a service that is straightforward and efficient. We understand that family clients are burdened enough by the stress and emotion of the situation, which can easily be exacerbated by a slow and inefficient service.

Which is why at the first hint of change we signed up to MyHMCTS. This allows family law professionals, such as the solicitors in our family law team, to deal with divorce, and uncontested financial remedy, online for our clients, which speeds up our cases exponentially.

The results we have seen, as compared with filing paper divorce petitions and consent orders, has been astounding. We have in the past waited several weeks, and often several months, for the process of one component in the process, whereas now the results can be seen within the week.

With effect from 24th August 2020, a new pilot Practice Direction 36T applies, the effect of which are to make use of the online system mandatory where the applicant is legally represented. The two month lead in before the new pilot PD36T takes effect is intended to allow legal representatives time to make the transition from paper to the digital system.


Our Family law team is already there, and can progress your case digitally today. Please to our team by contacting 01630 411226 or email louise@onionsanddavies.co.uk for further details.