Onions & Davies Solicitors supports a number of charities and are members of ‘Remember a Charity’, which is an organisation that promotes charitable giving in Wills.

Many people, during their lifetimes, support charities large and small. When we meet them to talk about their Wills, we always explain the benefits of leaving a legacy or a share of their estate to charity.

Charitable gifts are tax-free. Where someone’s estate may attract inheritance tax, a gift to charity would save tax and benefit their favourite charity instead. If a significant proportion of an estate is left to charity, this can also reduce the rate at which the rest of the estate is taxed.

A Will can be used to direct that, donations at the funeral are to be given to charity or that personal possessions of the deceased can be donated to charity. This can be of benefit, not only to the charity but also to the estate.

Writing a Will is very important. It gives you peace of mind, knowing exactly where your estate will end up and who will be responsible for dealing with it. It makes things quicker and more straightforward when you die. It can be used to save tax and care fees and it can help make things clear in difficult or unusual family situations.

Chris Milne is an experienced Will writer and estates administrator with the benefit of being a Solicitor and a full member of both The Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners and Solicitors for the Elderly. Chris is also a member of panels of succession-planning specialists for organisations such as Mencap and the National Autistic Society and a regular speaker to carers and other community groups. He is proud to support this year’s Remember a Charity in your Will Week.

For friendly and professional advice regarding your Will, Powers of Attorney and other estate and tax planning issues, please contact him on 01630 652405 or chris.milne@onionsanddavies.co.uk.